2016 – Jo-Ann Silverstein

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Congratulations to Jo-Ann Silverstein, the 2016 recipient of the Rosalie Award honouring radio trailblazers in Canada.

Jo-Ann is a retired radio sales executive with more than 35 years of experience in the radio industry. A native of Albany, New York, Jo-Ann moved to London, Ontario and embarked on a career in radio. Her first career was a registered nurse where she developed caring ways and a sense of humour which were the core attributes to her success in building relationships with her future colleagues and clients.

She started at CKSL in London, the number three station in a three-station market, but undaunted Jo-Ann enjoyed great success, and after three years moved to Toronto to join CKO radio.

In the early days in Toronto radio, a woman sales executive was a unique commodity, and Jo-Ann led the way for many. She achieved her budget year after year and raised three children alone.

Throughout the years Jo-Ann advanced progressively to CFGM, CKEY, CJCL and finally arrived at her goal station CFRB. Jo-Ann’s reputation grew as she was known for being reliable, creative, compassionate, tenacious, fiercely loyal, a team player and an exemplary Account Executive. Clients would request her as their media representative through her reputation as one of the best.

Jo-Ann’s dedication and passion created long standing relationships with her clients who over years became some of her closest her friends and still hold her in very high esteem. Jo-Ann’s unique insight to the business of radio demonstrated her ability to create results-oriented strategic media campaigns for her clients. Her strong relationships translated into significant sales success where she was a Top Biller for six years, and received the New Business Award in 1986, 1987, 1989, 2003 & 2003. During her tenure at CKEY and CJCL Jo-Ann was a Diamond and Gold Award Winner.

Through this significant success, Jo-Ann had speaking engagements at radio sales conferences for five years. She was a sought after speaker on “Retail Selling” with other industries; however a spinal cord injury impacted her ability to pursue this further.

Jo-Ann’s success and recognition in the radio business inspired both her daughter, the late Renee Roth, and grand-daughter Rachel Roth to follow in her footsteps. Huffington Post wrote a story covering this dynamic three-generation sales force that was published in Canada and the U.S.

Jo-Ann’s commitment to give back was not only felt in her career but also in her community. Jo-Ann gave back through volunteering at numerous fundraising events. Today, Jo-Ann continues to be one of the greatest radio ambassadors of our time.