2012 – Maureen Bulley



Creative Director, Rogers Radio

Maureen Bulley is the proud recipient of the 2012 Rosalie Award for Radio Trailblazing. She has worked in the broadcast industry for over three decades.

Maureen Bulley is founder and President of THE RADIO STORE a consulting firm that helps Media companies create more effective advertising and promotional copy. She has authored 3 major training initiatives including the RADIO POWER TOOLS Program and the CERTIFIED RADIO COPYWRITER program: the official industry certification course. Her latest book is entitled “WRITE GOOD COPY, FAST!”. These programs are designed to increase the effectiveness of advertising and station self-promotion. Her work is also showcased in the Creating Powerful Radio series by renowned broadcast consultant Valerie Geller.

Maureen has trained hundreds of writers and producers to write more effective commercials. She is one of the most-awarded Creative Directors in North America with several Clio and “International Radio Festival” Awards to her credit.  Perhaps her most notorious piece of radio creative was CFNY-FM’s Mosquito Repellent: a promo advising listeners that CFNY’s incredible high-frequency tone would chase away mosquitoes. Mosquito Repellent won a variety of Canadian and international awards and was featured in Ad Week Magazine as a ground-breaking new radio promotion. Bulley wrote this and many other great radio commercials and promos during her 10-year tenure as Creative Director at 102.1 CFNY, (known now as 102.1 The Edge). “The Spirit of Radio” became famous for the zany, irreverent style of its commercials and station promos.

Maureen is a frequent presenter at Broadcast Conventions worldwide, and is a regular contributor to a variety of industry publications. Maureen is a Certified Print Production Practitioner and Certified Advertising Agency Practitioner, industry designations awarded by the Institute of Canadian Advertising. She has also been a Professor of Media Studies at the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning in Toronto, as well as Creative Director at Rogers Radio. Maureen Bulley can be reached via maureenbulley@rogers.com

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